Practical IT Documentation Software

Our IT Documentation Software simplifies tracking IT assets in your network and gives you detailed insights including associated tickets, monitorings and version control. Go for it - you have never seen that documentation can be so simple!

IT Documentation Software

IT Documentation Software with extra value


Easy Set-up

Spread the unitworx Discovery Agent in your network and setting up your documentation happens almost without any effort. Install the application and follow the wizard - nothing else. There are different discovery types (remote, single device, etc.) available.


Save time

unitworx will save you time by discovering all network devices automatically - from clients to servers, from physical to virtual machines - and by detecting hardware components or installed software.



Track & manage your IT assets

You find it difficult to keep your IT documentation neat and tidy? Keep it organized with unitworx. The agent-based network discovery makes sure that your inventory is up-to-date and all required information about hard- & software or licences are available.


History & version control

No matter if you are working in a team or alone - sometimes it can be necessary to retrace the entire history or previous versions of an IT asset. unitworx features version control across Documentation, Monitoring and Ticketing.


Your IT knowledge base

Add information concerning licensing and warranty, hardware configuration, non-networked IT assets or store your passwords in a secure location. Open tickets and activated monitoring workflows will give you a perfect overview of what's going on.