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unitworx - Big solution for small IT businesses

A fully-integrated IT Service Management Software designed and developed to master the challenges of small and medium sized IT companies or departments.


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IT Support Management

Improve your IT service quality with unitworx. With the IT Support Ticketing System you don't even be supported by managing your tickets - no - through automatism, link operations and detailed error messages you will surely find the quickest route to a solution. 



IT Ticketing

unitworx don't even support you by managing your tickets, it also helps you to find the quickest route to a solution. Benefit from the integration of all modules in the system, satisfy your customers with your IT service quality and take the chance to continue improving your IT support.

IT Ticketing System


IT Documentation

Make sure that the working life of your IT support staff is as easy as possible. With unitworx support tickets can be linked directly to the corresponding IT asset in the documentation. Just one click is enough to get the required information for the problem solving process.

IT Documentation Software


IT Monitoring

Keep an eye on all IT assets has never been that simple. With the ITSM Tool unitworx you keep everything on the radar and under control. Monitoring workflows and automated ticket creation in case of a problem will support you in this case. Problems are prevented even before they emerge.

IT Monitoring Tool

Support Ticketing on a new level


Well-structured Ticketing System

Be faster than ever! Our ticketing system is linked to the unitworx inventory management so you'll find all you need to know about the affected IT assets in no time. 


Service App for Support Tickets

The best service is now within reach for your end users - a little icon in the Windows taskbar opens the app. The Service App allows your customers to create, comment or even close tickets. 


Integrated Time Recording

You'll increase your productivity and reduce your administrative effort to a minimum. With the time recording function, it will become a children's game to track the time for a tasks.

IT Service Desk Software unitworx

IT Support Ticketing & more

unitworx is a fully-integrated all-in-one ITSM solution which provides more than just a traditional IT Ticketing System. No, unitworx also offers documentation & monitoring - all in one system. Through the integration of all modules IT support never was that simple. With just one click you are form the ticket directly in the corresponding documentation, you can create monitorings, automate tickets and much more!  

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The installation of the unitworx client requires Windows 8 or higher.
The unitworx discovery agent is suitable for Windows Clients with Windows Vista or higher and Windows Server as of version 2008.
Non-networked IT assets or 3rd party clients and servers can be added manually.