IT Service Management Software

unitworx is a fully-integrated IT Service Management Software designed and developed to master the daily challenges of small and medium sized IT companies. It provides all essential tools for IT experts including the modules Documentation, Monitoring & Ticketing. Convince yourself of its benefits!

IT Documentation Software


Save time

unitworx will save you time by discovering all network devices automatically - from clients to servers, from physical to virtual machines - and by detecting hardware components or installed software.


Your IT knowledge base

Add information concerning licensing and warranty, hardware configuration, non-networked IT assets or store your passwords in a secure location. Open tickets and activated monitoring workflows will give you a perfect overview of what's going on.


History & version control

No matter if you are working in a team or alone - sometimes it can be necessary to retrace the entire history or previous versions of an IT asset. unitworx features version control across Documentation, Monitoring and Ticketing.

IT Monitoring Tool


Ready-to-use in less than 10 minutes

Set up your IT monitoring based on well-proven processes that rest upon the know-how of experts. unitworx helps you getting started quickly by premade workflows and ready-to-use monitorings, which are activated automatically for relevant servers and IT assets.


Windows Monitoring simplified

You are looking for a powerful tool for Windows Server Monitoring, Backup Monitoring and more? Here you are! unitworx is suitable for Windows Clients with Windows Vista or higher and Windows Server as of version 2008. 



Solution-oriented monitoring tool

Every time a problem occurs, unitworx tries to solve the problem itself. If your intervention is required the system will create a ticket automatically. Now unitworx not only supports you in managing your tickets, it also helps finding the quickest route to a solution. 

IT Ticketing System


Well-structured Ticketing System

Be faster than ever! Our ticketing system is linked to the unitworx inventory management so you'll find all you need to know about the affected IT assets in no time. 


Service App for Support Tickets

The best service is now within reach for your end users - a little icon in the Windows taskbar opens the app. The Service App allows your customers to create, comment or even close tickets. 


Integrated Time Recording

You'll increase your productivity and reduce your administrative effort to a minimum. With the time recording function, it will become a children's game to track the time for a tasks.

See for yourself how our ITSM Software will lighten your workload. unitworx will help you to manage IT with ease!

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The installation of the unitworx client requires Windows 8 or higher.
The unitworx discovery agent is suitable for Windows Clients with Windows Vista or higher and Windows Server as of version 2008.
Non-networked IT assets or 3rd party clients and servers can be added manually.