Account & Client Settings

Simple adjustment of your account & client settings

Like in every software, there are also a few important settings that have to be made in unitworx. In the menu Settings > Account Settings or Client Settings, you have various options to customize or view your configurations. We would like to introduce you to these settings.


Account Settings

Default Workflow Operator
Some of the unitworx monitoring workflows require an operator to perform the defined processes and parameters correrctly. This is relevant, for example, to check SNMP nodes or for the ping monitoring. The operator can either be a master of the customer, the cloud executor or the default workflow operator. This default operator is the defined agent in the documentaiton and can be viewed or adjusted in this area. If you would like to change these settings, for example because of the increasing capacity, you can adjust it here. Through the two drop-downs, it is possible to choose between your integrated customer documentations and the contained assets.

Ticketing Mail-Address
Tickets can be created not only in the system itself or with the unitworx Service App, this is also possible via a ticketing email address. This address is provided by unitworx and can be viewed in the account settings. Requests that are sent to this email will automatically create a ticket in the unitworx ticketing module.

You would like to use your own support email address for your customers? No problem, simply set up an automatic forwarding from your email address to the ticketing email address of unitworx - in this case, you will have all support requests of your customers directly in your ITSM system.

Monitoring Mail-Address
The predefined monitoring workflows of unitworx sometimes require an email address for their successful execution. This is necessary, for example, for the OK and error mailings or the mailhandler workflow. The used address (automatically provided by unitworx) is displayed here, if you need it for further monitorings or adjustments.

Automatic Ticket Assignment
There are many ways, how tickets can get into your unitworx system - including the already described one via the provided ticketing email address. In this case, there is also the option to automate the ticket assignment process. For example, if you assign a task to one of your colleagues via email, send this email also in CC to your assigned ticketing email address. The ticket will be created automatically in the unitworx system and if the recipient's email address is connected with a user in unitworx, the ticket is assigned to this user. In this way, no support case can get lost in the email inbox no more.

Days of your working week
Of course, unitworx works for you also on weekends, but you probably don't want to have your daily reports then, when they won't be read by you anyway. In this case, you can easily define the days on which you would like to receive the practical task overview from unitworx and on which not. Do not worry, the information of your ticket subscriptions will be sent to you anyway.

ITSM Account Settings

Client Settings

Within the client settings, it's all about the security of your data in the documentation. A so-called PFX-file comes into play, which has to be generated and password-protected. It is used to encrypt passwords, text-fields and files. If a PFX-file and an associated password are created, only those users with the same file and password can view the encrypted data.

ITSM Client Settings

We would like to support you to create this file and encrypt it with a password, so we are providing the function "Generate PFX-File". The file with the associated password can now be sent to your colleagues, which also have the right to view the encrypted data.

ITSM Client Settings - PFX-files