Assign Monitoring

Every IT asset gets the right monitoring

The unitworx network monitoring tool is ready to start in a few minutes. The predefined workflows, based on proven IT processes, make it possible. You discover your network with the unitworx Discovery Agent and the appropriate monitorings for servers and other network components are activated automatically.

The basis for a successful monitoring has now been created. However, you also have the possibility to integrate your individual monitoring processes. Simply create your own workflows according to your requirements. The monitoring can be assigned manually to the appropriate IT assets. This also works for those devices you haven't integrated into the system via the unitworx Discovery Agent. Go to the desired workflow and assign it to the respective IT asset.


Add Monitoring

In the monitoring module of unitworx you can display all integrated workflows with the function "Show Workflows". These are divided into two lists, one with your individual monitorings and the other include the predefined workflows from unitworx. The desired workflow can easily be found via the filter. Click on a specific monitoring and you will get the option "Add Monitorings" in the menu.

Network Monitoring zuweisen


Click on the button to open the editing screen where you can make all settings for the monitoring. In the first step you have to select the desired devices you want to add the monitoring. In the overview all customers including the appropriate devices are displayed. Again, you can use a filter to search for the right device. It is also possible to select more assets at one time.

Network Monitoring - Choose Device


Once you have selected the desired assets, use "Next" to go to the default settings. There you can define the required parameters for the execution of the workflow. These, for example, can be details on monitoring times, utilization or memory limits.

Network Monitoring - Default Settings


In the next step you confirm the configuration and tell the system that the settings can be applied. You also have the possibility to add further monitorings to the selected device.

Network Monitoring - Configuration


Now you get an overview of the implemented activities and can confirm them with the "Apply configuration" button.

Network Monitoring - Apply Configuration


Finally, you become an overview whether the configurations were successful and the monitorings were activated for the respective IT assets.

Network Monitoring - Configuration successfull

Set Default Workflow

As soon as a new node is created in the unitworx documentation, the monitoring is immediately on the search for the appropriate workflow. For example, you are creating a new server node, those monitorings that match with this type of node are activated automatically. This helps you to manage monitoring with ease.

In the case of the predefined workflows, the corresponding nodes are already deposited. If you create your own workflow, you can use the menu item "Set Default Workflows" to specify which node types should activate the monitoring automatically.

Network Monitoring - Default Workflow


By clicking this button, you will get an overview of all node types which start the monitoring automatically and you have the possibility to add a new one. Simply select the nodes which should start the monitoring and save your settings.

Network Monitoring - Default Workflow


You would like to know which IT assets have a certain monitoring active? Or in the opposite direction: Which monitorings are active on a specific IT assets? These questions are quickly answered with the clear overview and filter possibilities in unitworx.

Click on one of your workflows in the monitoring module of unitworx and under "Executions" you will get a clear overview on which devices the workflow is active. Everything is structured according to customers and with the possibility to search through a filter for a specific device.

Network Monitoring - Filters


Which monitorings are active on a specific device you can easily find out in the documentation of the asset. Within the documentation dashboard you have "Active Monitorings", there you can find all active workflows and open them with just one click.

Network Monitoring - Active Monitorings