Improved communication - internal & external

With the unitworx comment function you can coordinate your support cases with ease. The most important thing is to have all important information stored with the according ticket so it can be comprehended later.

However, most of the time you want to separate internal and external communication, so it isn't that easy to store all important information at one place. unitworx makes it simple - just use public and private comments for your communication. With the different comment categories you can define which part of the communication is visible to the end user and which only serves the internal communication.

Need an example? Here it is:
When the end user creates a ticket with the Service App it will be listed in the unitworx ticketing system. Your colleague from the support team, who notices the ticket first, assigns it to another team member - adding a private comment with further information how to solve the support request. The assigned user then needs more information from the customer, so he leaves a public comment.

Whenever you want to communicate with your colleagues, request a status update or provide additional information required for solving the problem, use private comments. You want to keep your customer informed or just need more details from the end user? Leave a public comment.

IT Helpdesk Software - Comment Function

PS: You can use the key combination CTRL+ENTER to send a private comment directly.


Your benefit:
You can exactly define which comments are used for the internal or external communication, but all information about the progress will be saved in one system.