Create Tickets

Create your ticket to success

There are different ways support requests can get into the support ticketing system of unitworx, so it is possible to efficiently manage them. We would like to introduce you to these options here and show how easy it is for you and your customers to create a new ticket.


Ticket creation in the unitworx system

In the ticketing module it is possible to create a new ticket directly in the unitworx system by using the button "Create Ticket". Through entering a title, the ticket is created and the editing interface is opened. Now you have all possibilities to add necessary information to it.

Support Ticketing System - Client

A new ticket is always created with the state "Active". If this is not the case, you can adjust the state manually. For example, you can memorize tasks, which will become interesting later, with the state "Waiting".

To show your colleagues in the support team how urgent the support case is, you can specify the priority of the ticket in this area. Choose between default, high and low.

Assign to a user
In order to make sure that one of your colleagues is responsible for the support case, you simply have to assign the ticket to him or her. All users who are assigned to the respective customer can be selected here.

Set a timeframe
The right time management is important to satisfy customers. In this area you can add a deadline to the ticket that shows your colleagues when the ticket should be completed. This information also makes it easier for your team to plan their daily tasks.

Time Recording
To ensure that the tracking of the time used for certain tasks can be handled efficiently and almost without additional effort, the functionality was integrated directly into the ticketing module. Therefore, you are able to start, pause or stop the time recording function in the respective ticket.

The unitworx system provides you a large text area with an appropriate editor. Here you have plenty space to capture as much information as possible about the support case.

Attach file
It is well known: A picture says more than thousand words. This also comes along with support cases. Pictures or screenshots often say more than a long description. Therefore, in the top menu is the button "Attach File".

Link to documentation
The connection of the information in unitworx is important to find the quickest route to solve the support request. If the ticket covers a particular IT asset form the documentation, it is practically to link the two components. The point "Edit Link" allows you to create an efficient link to the documentation.

Of course, it is also possible in the opposite direction. Create a new ticket directly from the asset documentation using the "Create Ticket" button in the menu. The editing possibilities are the same, but the linking from the asset and ticket is created automatically.


Ticket creation in the unitworx Service App

With the unitworx Service App you offer your customers a simple way to create tickets without having to deal with the processes in the background and the unitworx system itself. The Service App appears with an icon in the task bar, where they can create and track their tickets. How this works, we've documented here.

Support Ticketing System - Service App

All information about the created ticket will be sent to your unitworx system and there you can enrich the ticket with further information, assign and manage it.


Ticket creation via email

Away from all the clients and apps we do not forget the good old email. A support request to the ticketing email address automatically creates a ticket in the unitworx system. You will find your ticketing email address in the account settings. It usually has the form "".

Support Ticketing System - E-Mail

Some of your customers have their own ticketing system, but you still want to process your support requests via unitworx because you also have the documentation and monitorings there? No problem, use the ticketing email address as an interface and send the information from the other ticketing system to unitworx.