Create Workflows

Monitorings - according to your needs

Often the predefined workflows of unitworx are not enough to monitor all aspects of your network. Even we are always working on new monitorings, which we can integrate in the system and provide to you, on ourselves. In addition, you have the possibility to create your own workflows that are specifically adapted to your needs.


Create New Workflow

To create a new workflow, you have to use the "Create new Workflow" function in the unitworx monitoring module. As soon as you click on it, a new monitoring called "New Workflow" is created. First, give the monitoring a meaningful name and description, so all users in the account know what it is. Newly created workflows always have the state "Editing". As soon as you have created your monitoring process, you can set the state to "Active".

Hardware Monitoring - New Workflow


The monitoring workflow is created within a flow chart. By clicking on "Edit" a new editing screen will open. There you can access various events, activities and linking items. With those functionalities you can build up your individual workflow and save it at any time you want.

Hardware Monitoring - Flow Chart


If you have used parameters in your flow chart, they are displayed again in the overview of the workflow. You should also give them a meaningful caption and description, so the functionality of the fields can be comprehended later. If you activate the monitoring on an asset, these parameters can be defined individually.

Hardware Monitoring - Parameters

Assign Monitorings

Once you have completed your monitoring settings and set the workflow to "Active", you can start using it and assign it to your assets. It is possible to manually assign the monitorings or create a standard monitoring for the node types. How this works can be read here.

By the way: How you can manage your workflows afterwards, we've summarized here.