All at one glance with the unitworx documentation

As soon as you enter the unitworx documentation tool you have the possibility to view and edit all details of the respective customers. In the left area of your interface you can see all customer nodes with the sub items of their documentation.

Click on one of you customers or the according sub item to get a clear dashboard with the most important information at one glance. Depending on which node you are, the tabs Details, Statistics & Monitoring are available - we would like to introduce you to these areas.

IT Documentation Dashboard


Information & Description
In this area the documentation of the respective node or asset is displayed. How the structure is built or which content is included depends on the selected node.

For example, we take the node Network & Internet - Firewalls. In the overview node you will get a list of allocated firewalls. If you go a level deeper on a documented firewall you will get all important information of it, like the name, serial number or login data.

IT Documentation Dashboard - Information

Ticket List
The unitworx ticketing is closely linked to the associated documentation. If a ticket is linked to an asset of the documentation or is created directly from the documentation module, the open ticket will be displayed in this area and with just one click you can open it and view the details.

IT Documentation Dashboard - Ticket List


In the statistics area you can display graphs with important details of the asset. You can choose between availability and assigned tickets.

What is the availability of your IT assets? This is, for example, especially interesting for servers which should theoretically be online 24 hours a day. In this graphic you can display the availability of your assets for a certain period of time, whether in a circular chart or on a timeline.

IT Documentation Dashboard - Availability Statistics

The number of tickets can be an indicator for a high error rate of certain IT assets in your network. unitworx gives you an overview of the assigned tickets with the current status. This allows you to see at a glance how many tickets an asset has during its lifetime or how many tickets have been created or completed in the last two months.

IT Documentation Dashboard - Ticket Statistic


In addition to the ticketing, the documentation is also closely linked to the monitoring module. This area shows if there are active monitorings running on the respective asset. If so, these are listed and you can switch to the monitoring workflow by clicking the appropriate item.

IT Documentation Dashboard - Active Monitorings