Enrich Data

Your documentation as a central IT knowledge base

What would an IT documentation be without data? Exactly, it would be useless. So shape the documentation to your company's central IT knowledge base. The unitworx Discovery Agent supports you with it and discovers relevant information of your network fully automated.

However, often you want to document further information about your IT assets. For example, the physical location of a printer or information on supplier agreements. Therefore, you have several options for that in the properties area of the documentation menu. It will be easy to enrich your documentation and manage the captured information.

Enrich IT Documentation


Add Data

A lock next to the field description marks all the information collected by the unitworx Discovery Agent. However, if you have additional data that you want to keep in the documentation, you can easily add it by using the "Add" function.

Depending on the node you want to edit, you have various options for the complementation. For example, you can add a hostname or a WAN IP to firewalls or simply enrich server information with descriptions or login data.

Complement IT Documentation


Delete Data

If you have data, that has become irrelevant over the time, you only have to click on the respective field and the "Delete" button to delete this information. In this case, special caution is required, so that no current and still required data is deleted.

However, if an error is caused unintentionally and you've deleted still required data, you can view it via the history function in unitworx and simply restore the appropriate information.

IT Documentation History


Arrange Data

In order to customize your IT documentation so it suits your needs, you have the possibility to arrange the information you've entered. Therefore, simply use the "Up" and "Down" buttons. Just click into the field you want to move and rearrange your data in the desired order.