Invite user

Share the IT Management Software with your colleagues & customers

Doing things together is known to be more fun. So, invite your colleagues or customers to work with you in the IT Management Software unitworx. Through different authorization groups and the exact determination of the customer segement it is quite easy to organize your user management.

Internal Teamwork
Good teamwork is essential to improve your IT service management in the long term - unitworx helps you with it. For example, you can work together on the documentation of your customers or assign tickets to the invited users.

External Teamwork
Sometimes it also makes sense to give your customers an insight into their IT asset documentation or associated tickets. In this case it is important to carefully select the appropriate role of the new user to ensure a perfect collaboration with your customers.

To invite users to your unitworx account you have to go to Settings (main navigation) > Users > Invite to unitworx

User in the IT Management Software


In the next step you have to type in the email address of the person you want to invite to your account. Assign the new user to all or only one specific customer and define its role.

There you have a lot of possibilities. From a guest access, which you can use to better integrate your customers, to the administrator, who can work without any restrictions. More about the efficient right management we've summarized here for you.

Roles in the IT Management Software


Once the invitation is sent, the new user gets an email including a link to the unitworx portal, where he or she can create a user and download the unitworx Client. By the way, it is also possible to adapt these settings later. More about managing your users you will get here.