Manage Nodes

Easy management of your customer documentation

When it comes to managing your customer documentation, it makes no difference whether you have already recorded your IT inventory through the unitworx Discovery Agent or you would like to do this manually. You can always enrich your documentation with further information, add or link a node and delete irrelevant data.

IT Inventory Management


Add node

Once you are on a node you can select the point "Add Node" in the menu above. It is possible to add a new node by using the option "General". You can give the new node a meaningful name and description.

However, unitworx offers even more. Through an intelligent documentation structure, it is possible that you have additional node options in certain areas. Take the server list as an example. If you are on this node, you can create a new server node directly with all necessary sub items for an efficient server documentation.

Intelligent IT Inventory Management


Delete Node

Basically, it is possible to delete a node directly via the menu item "Delete Node". However, special caution is necessary to avoid losing relevant data. You also can't delete every node. The button isn't activated at the main documentation points which are created by unitworx and provide the main structure of the documentation.


Link Node

You need the information from an IT asset in two different places in the documentation? Use the function "Link Node" to avoid saving redundant data in the system. This makes for example sense, if you want to save your physical servers in a different view next to the complete server list.

Links in your IT Inventory Management


Open Node in a new Tab

In order to don't lose track of all customers and nodes, it is quite helpful to open them in several tabs. This possibility makes it easy to serve different customers in a support case at the same time or to view different information side by side.


Merge Nodes

If you have already captured IT assets in your documentation manually, but you decide to discover your network by using the unitworx Discovery Agent, it is possible that you are storing information from the same device in two separate locations. With the "Merge" function you can easily correct this and merge redundantly stored data.

This function can only be used on a manually captured node. The editing mask simply shows you the possible nodes which were discovered by the unitworx Discovery Agent. unitworx compares the information of the two nodes and saves them merged within the (manually captured) node.

Merge Nodes in your IT Inventory Management


Refresh Documentation

You've just created a ticket and linked it to an appropriate asset node, but it's not yet displayed in the respective dashboard of the documentation? Or you need the actual view of your ticket statistics? Just click on the "Refresh"-Button and you can surely access the latest data of your assets.


Export Documentation

You need the documentation not only in your IT service management software, but also want to make it available to external data sources, for example, for further backup processes? In this case, simply use the "Export Documentation" function. By clicking on this option, the entire customer documentation is exported as an XML file.