Manage Tickets

IT Ticket management made easy

Efficient IT ticket management is one of the key factors for support companies. unitworx not only helps you to create and manage your tickets, but also in finding the quickest route to a solution. By easily assigning tickets, intelligent links and the simple handling, you can work together with unitworx to improve your IT service quality.


Team Management

Usually, the support cases are unassigned if they arrive in the unitworx ticketing system. All unassigned tickets are shown in the welcome dashboard or in the ticketing module itself. By simply editing the ticket, a user can be assigned to it. Now somebody feels responsible for the support request and helps the customer as soon as possible to fix the problem. Depending on how you have defined your internal ticket distribution, the tickets can be divided between the team members, for example, according to the customer or resource availability.

Often a lot of employees work in a support department, so care for keeping the overview. For example, name a team member as a so-called "ticket assigner", who is responsible for keeping track of all unassigned tickets and assigning them to a team member. This could either be the team leader or alternately a member of the support team.


Enrich data

In order to contribute finding a quick solution, the data of the ticket can be enriched at any time with further information. Therefore, you have the same editing mask as for the ticket creation. Descriptions can be added and files attached.

Also use the commentary function to enrich the ticket with relevant information. With public and private comments you can determine exactly which information should get to the customer and which is only used for the internal communication.


Link information

To make it easier for your support team to find the quickest route to solve the problem, you should provide them as much information as possible. In addition to the descriptions and screenshots it also helps to create a link to the respective documentation of the affected IT asset. Via the menu point "Edit Link" it's really simple to link the corresponding node with the ticket. So the assigned team member easily gets to the required information.

IT Ticket Management - Edit Link
IT Ticket Management - Link to Node

By the way: If you create a ticket from the documentation itself or from the unitworx Service App, the link is created automatically.


Define sub-tasks

You are facing a larger project, where you want to display all single project steps within the unitworx ticketing system? No problem, you can define individual sub-tasks within one ticket. To do so, you first create a new ticket, which, for example, gets the name of your project. In the ticket details, you now have the option to create sub-tasks by using the button "New sub-ticket". You have all the editing options available like in the regular ticket creation process.

IT Ticket Management - Sub-Tasks


IT Ticket Management - Sub-Tasks

Copy ticket

If you want to create many similar tickets, unitworx simplifies your work by offering the option "Copy Ticket". Title, description, etc. can be customized and a new ticket can be created with ease.

The copy function makes for example sense, if you need the same or a similar task for different customers or within one customer for different IT assets. You copy the ticket and then simply reconnect it with the associated documentation.


Delete ticket

Of course it's also possible to delete tickets completely from the system, but special caution has to be taken that no important data gets lost. The better alternative is to change the ticket state to "Canceled". So all information about the case is stored and can be reviewed later, if necessary.

The function "Delete ticket" only makes sense in a few cases. For example, if you create a test ticket or the ticket has been created accidentally or rather redundantly. In this cases it's worthwhile to delete the ticket from the database because you are not losing relevant information.


Subscribe notifications

You have a special interest in certain tickets that are not assigned to you? Just subscribe to them. The function "Subscribe Notifications" keeps you up-to-date on the progress of the ticket and you will be notified via email in case of a change.

IT Ticket Management - Notifications

The ticket subscription is only a small part of the possible ticket reports in the unitworx system. All you need to know about it, you will find here.