Team Management

Efficient team management brings you success

Optimal collaboration within your team is important to improve your IT service management in the long term. unitworx helps you to efficiently integrate these teams into your ITSM software. Therefore, it is possible to create and manage teams under the tab Settings. This practical way of team management will enrich your work in some areas of unitworx.

The created teams will appear in the ticketing as well as the time recording module of unitworx. It is possible to assign tickets to the team and, of course, filter for them afterwards. Once a team is assigned to a ticket, all users are notified and the technician, who has time to take care of this support case, can start working on it.


Create teams

If you go to Settings > Teams you have the possibility to create your individual teams by using the "Add" function. For example, you can create a team that includes all members of your First Level Support. Simply enter an appropriate name and select the respective users. With the plus next to the user, you can add them to the group.

Add ITSM Team

Manage teams

Of course, it can happen that something has changed in your created teams. In order to make these changes, simply select the appropriate team and click on the "Manage users" button. In this view, it is possible to add users or remove members from the group via the cross next to them.

Manage ITSM Team

If you no longer need a created team, simply select the appropriate one and click on "Delete". Tickets that have been assigned to this team will appear under the category "Unassigned Tickets" and can be assigned to a new team or user.


Use Teams

Once you have created a team, it is available in the ticketing and the time recording module of unitworx. As already mentioned, teams can be assigned to tickets and selected as a filter. For example, this makes sense for team leaders. They can practically assign tickets to their teams and keep an eye on them very simple.

Assign ITSM Team