Ticket Filter

Individual filters for a quick overview

The management of tickets can quickly become confusing - unitworx as a professional IT ticketing software helps you to keep the overview! Use all possible filtering options to cover your specific interests. The current selection can be easily saved as your individual filter.

IT Ticketing Software - Filter

For example, you want to check your team's active tickets or display only the overdue tickets with high priority? No problem, set the filter options once and save them to make them available as a new filter in each of your visits in the unitworx system.


Sorting & Grouping

In addition to the filtering options, it is also possible to display data in the desired presentation. Simply use the given sorting and grouping function.

Sort tickets
Tickets can easily be sorted from A-Z or in the opposite direction. In addition to that, unitworx also has the option of sorting according the certain columns, such as the creation or due date as well as the priority.

IT Ticketing Software - Sort Tickets

Keep in mind: The sorting always takes effect within the selected group.


Group tickets
The default grouping of the tickets happens through the due date. Of course, you can modify this so it is, for example, possible to group tickets according to your customers, status or priority. The respective setting will be effective by a click on it and the ticket list is updated immediately.

IT Ticketing Software - Group Tickets

Quick Access

You can also easily integrate the saved ticket filters into your unitworx status bar as quick access. Next to the standard filters "My Tickets" and "Unassigned", you can click on the arrow. By clicking on it, you will have all your created filters and the possibility to add them to your quick access through activating the checkbox. Now it is possible to open the desired tickets via one click - no matter where you are in the system. 

IT Ticketing Software - Quick Access