Ticket Report

No ticket will be forgotten

The unitworx ticket report offers a variety of ways to keep you up-to-date and to not forget your tickets. These range from custom reports of created or assigned tickets, through daily reports, to subscriptions. You can manage your notification in Settings > Notifications, where your active reports are listed.

IT Ticket System - Notifications

Custom notifications

The customized notifications are for the user who is logged into the system. The identification is via the email address to which also the report is sent. The following two notifications are defined by default:

  • Tickets assigned to me
    The user immediately receives an email notification as soon as a ticket has been created and assigned to him and whenever it is modified or deleted.
  • Tickets created by me
    The user immediately receives an email notification as soon as a ticket, which was created from him, is modified or deleted.


Customize notifications
Through the standard notification settings you will get a notification for every single update of the respective ticket. In this view, you have the posibility to customize the ticket report, so you will only get those updates you are interested in. Stop the mess of messages because the assigned user updates the description or other details of the ticket, which are not relevant for you.

IT Ticket System - Custom Notifications

Create notifications
In addition to the standard notifications, you can also create individual ones. To create a new notification, click on the menu button "New" in the notification-area. Afterwards, an editing mask opens where you can make your desired settings.

By entering the title, the report is saved, but not activated yet. Once you've set the individual filters for your notification you can activate it. It's possible to make adjustments to your settings any time you want. You can also disable or delete the report completely from your user account, if it's necessary.


Daily reports

Customer satisfaction is one of the key factors in a support company. Therefore, it should not happen that tickets are forgotten or their timing is postponed without the customers knowing. The daily report from unitworx helps in this case. If this predefined report is activated, the user gets a daily overview of his assigned and created tickets. In addition to this, the user can access all overdue and active tasks of the assigned customers with just one click.

IT Ticket System - Daily Reports

Subscriptions for tickets

The unitworx ticket reports can be broken down to individual tickets. As soon as you have a special interest in the development of a ticket, it is possible to subscribe to it via Ticket Details > "Subscribe Notifications". You will get an email notification immediately after a comment is added or other changes are made.

IT Ticket System - Subscriptions

This feature can be interesting for both: Team leaders, who want to keep an eye on important tickets from their support staff, or customers, who would like to receive an email notification with the current status of their support cases.