Time Recording

Efficient overview of required resources for your customer projects

With our IT Service Management Software unitworx, you'll not only increase your productivity, we also help you to reduce your administrative effort to a minimum. Through the integrated time recording system, it will become a children's game to track the time used for certain tasks and evaluate them later. In this way, you will always have an eye on the expanded resources of your customer projects and create the ideal basis for accounting.

To ensure that the time recording can be handled efficiently and almost without additional effort for you and your colleagues, the functionality was integrated directly into the unitworx ticketing module. In addition to the basic settings, you are able to start, pause or stop the time recording in the respective ticket. With just one click, you can also view the current time stamps for this ticket.

ITSM Time Recording

With the "Start" function, you can start a time stamp for the respective ticket. As soon as you want to interrupt or complete your activities, you have the option to pause or stop them.

With the "Pause" function, the time stamp can be interrupted at any time. This is required, for example, if you have to briefly devote your attention to another support request - like in the case of a customer call.

With the "Stop" function, you can actually complete the time stamp. A comment box appears where you can enter a brief description of your activities. This serves to ensure the traceability of the activities for accounting or evaluations.

Note: If you pause - restart - stop a time stamp, you only have to add a description after using the "Stop" function. This text is then automatically assigned to the paused time stamp. This allows you to interrupt your time record without having to enter a description. However, the traceability of your activities is still guaranteed.

In the footer area of the unitworx system, you will always keep the overview of the current time stamp. It is also possible to open or edit the current ticket directly via a link.

ITSM Time Recording - Time Stamps

Manage Time Stamps

With the integrated time recording module, you no longer need external systems to capture the working time for your customer projects. The recording of the working effort happens directly at the respective tickets - to manage the time stamps the tab "Time Recording" is available in the main menu.

In this area, you have different filtering options to display exactly those tickets you need at this time. In addition to the users, it is possible to filter by the current time stamp status or the ticket ID. The tickets with time records are sorted by the respective customers in a clear list.

ITSM Time Recording - Manage Time Stamps

By clicking on the respective ticket, the corresponding time stamps are listed and can be edited or deleted, if necessary. In addition, you can see the sum of the time spent so far and open the corresponding ticket directly via a link.

ITSM Time Recording - Manage Time Stamps

As soon as you move your mouse over the displayed time stamps, a "pen" and a "cross" appear in the upper right corner. These functions are there for editing and deleting the respective time stamp. If you click on the editing function, a window opens in which you can adjust the date, time and description text.

ITSM Time Recording - Edit Time Stamps

Add Time Stamps

In the rush of everyday life, it can easily happen that you forget to start the time stamp for the respective ticket. Exactly for these cases there is the option "Add Timestamp". This function makes it possible to add a time stamp in retrospect, if it was forgotten before. Simply enter the desired date and time. Through the ticket ID, it is possible to link the time stamp with the respective ticket. For a better traceability, add the description and save the new time stamp.

ITSM Time Recording - Add Time Stamps

Export Time Stamps

With the unitworx time recording, you also create the ideal basis for the further accounting of your customer projects. Besides the view of the total time spent, including the listing for the respective time stamps, there is also the possibility to export the data to a CSV-file. Therefore, the "Export Logs" function is available in the menu.

ITSM Time Recording - Export Time Stamps