unitworx Discovery Agent

Discover your network with the unitworx Discovery Agent

unitworx discovers the IT assets of your network or your customer networks fully automated - just use the unitworx Discovery Agent. Create a new customer and the agent will discover all important devices in the network automatically.

The new customer can be created by following the steps on the unitworx Welcome-Dashboard or in the documentation module by using the button "Create new customer". Simply use a meaningful name and click "Next".

Discovery Agent - Create Customer


Now you can choose between three different discover types:

  • Remote
    Discovers all devices in the network. Afterwards you can define which of them are necessary for you to be shown in the unitworx system.
  • Single device agent
    Discovers only one asset in the network. The one on which the unitworx Agent is installed.
  • None
    Discovers no devices of the network. Required devices can be created manually in the documentation or you might discover your network later.
Discovery Agent - Discovery Types


The remote method is the most comprehensive one, so we will use it for an example.

Select the option "Remote" and go to the next step by using the button "Choose". Note, that this discovery method requires a community for the SNMP (e.g. public). Then select "Download Package" and the file "unitworxAgentSetup.exe" will be downloaded on your computer.

Discovery Agent - Choose Discovery Types


In the next step you have to install the downloaded file. unitworx will help you to find the package location and opens it in the explorer. Double-click on the exe-file and the setup-wizard will open in a new window.

Make sure you use an agent package only for one deployment on one device.

Discovery Agent - Install Package


The unitworx Agent Setup Wizard will help you to install the agent. The last step will be to enter the domain including username and password from the IT asset you want to operate as the unitworx Agent. This Windows server or Windows Desktop must be online 24 hours a day.

The installation of the unitworx client requires Windows 8 or higher. The unitworx discovery agent is suitable for Windows Clients with Windows Vista or higher and Windows Server as of version 2008. Non-networked IT assets or 3rd party clients and servers can be added manually.

Discovery Agent - Setup Wizard


The agent discovers the network and searches for computers, notebooks, servers, network printers, firewalls and other network devices in the chosen segment.

For example, you can choose your Windows file-server as an agent - with the IP address and the subnet mask - unitworx will search for IT assets from the ip range to

Discovery Agent - IP Range


As soon as the unitworx Discovery Agent has discovered the declared segment you will get an overview of all tracked IT assets in the network. Now you can choose which of them you want to have documented and monitored in the unitworx system. After all, you can finish the customer creation process and work with the discovered devices in all modules of unitworx.

Discovery Agent - Finished configuration


Single device agent

The process of installation is very similar to the one of "Remote". The only difference is, that no other IT assets of the network will be discovered except of the one you choose as agent.

For example, you can use this method to capture branch offices without a server or independent LAN segments. The agent will simply be installed on the needed devices and the appropriate information is discovered and saved automatically.

No discovery

Only a new customer account is created. The IT assets can be captured manually or alternatively you can use the agent later to discover the network.


The option to rediscover the network is only shown if you choose an already existing remote-account. The rediscovering will search again for computers, notebooks, servers and other network devices and complement or update the IT asset information.