unitworx Portal

The most important user & account information at a glance

In the unitworx Portal you are able to manage your user and account information of the IT service management software unitworx. Among other things, you can download the latest version of the unitworx client, reset your password or customize your personal data. All these functions are available at portal.unitworx.com.


User not logged-in

Free Trial
You don't have your free trial account for our IT service management software unitworx yet? No problem, simply request your access at www.unitworx.com/en/free-trial. Exactly the same information can be found in the unitworx portal under the menu item "Free Trial".

The latest version of the unitworx Client is available in this area. Whether you've just created your test account successfully or you want to install the client on a new device - just download it here. For a successful installation, a device with Windows 8 or higher is required. In contrast to that, the unitworx Discovery Agent can discover Windows Clients with Windows Vista or higher and Windows Server as of version 2008.

Forgot Password
It can happen that you forget the one or other login data. In this area, you have the option to request a new password for the login via your email address.

Log In
Use the registration form in this area to login to the unitworx portal. There you can view and adjust your user and account information. In addition, it is possible to activate your live account after the expiration of your free test phase in order to use the full version of your new IT service management software unitworx.

unitworx Portal - IT Service Management Solution

User logged-in

As soon as you are logged in, you will also be able to edit your user and account information in addition to the previously described possibility to download the actual unitworx Client. Simply go to the menu that shows your email address.

unitworx Portal - IT Service Management Solution

User Information
As an overview in this area, you will see your personal information, with the option for editing your data and changing the password. You can also see which accounts are assigned to your user.

Account Information
When clicking on one of your accounts, you will see one of the following status information.

  • Active test account
    As long as you are still in the free test phase, your account has the status "active test account". Here you have the chance to start your live-account right away. Simply enter your company name and billing information - now you are ready to start with your new IT service management software unitworx.
  • Active live account
    Once you have activated your live-account, you will find the entered company and payment data in the account information area. Of course, this information can be adapted here later.