unitworx Service App

Service App promises efficient IT service

With the unitworx Service App you can integrate your end users much better into the IT service management process. Your customers will find the Service App pretty cool, because it makes it easy for them to create their own tickets and check the actual state of them. They can see who is assigned to their request and also have the opportunity to contribute to the problem solving process by adding comments and screenshots.

However, there are also many benefits for the IT service team:

  • The Service App will enhance your support routines, because people will soon notice that they don't have to pick up the phone anymore in order to report a problem or enquire about the status of the ticket.
  • The perfect connection of information helps you to find the quickest route to a solution. The Service App creates a ticket in the unitworx system and links it directly to the corresponding documentation of the device.
  • With the possibility to use public and private comments you can control which information will be sent directly to the customers' Service App and what is only determined for the internal communication.

The Service App will appear as an icon in the task bar of your customers' windows clients. It will be automatically executed on all devices that are in the documentation.


Customize your Service App

It is clear that you might don't want to appear to your customers with the name "unitworx". This is why we've created an opportunity to customize your IT service. Choose your own custom branding and adapt your logo and icon. You can also add contact information for your customers, like your support email or the number of your hotline.

These settings can be changed in the unitworx system by using Settings (main navigation) > Service-App Settings

Service App - Account Settings

Create a ticket

The ticket creation is really simple for the end user. The Service App can be opened by using the icon in the windows task bar, in this interface they can create or view their tickets. With the big plus, a new ticket can be created, by clicking on the synchronization arrows the overview is updated and the gear will bring you to the notification settings of the app.

Service App - Ticket Overview


So let us click on the big plus to open the ticket creation interface. This is kept very simple. You can give the ticket a meaningful name and insert the corresponding description. Files and screenshots can be attached to provide the IT support team even more information to easily solve the problem.

Service App - Ticket Creation


By clicking on the tick the ticket is created and transferred to the unitworx system. Now the work is done for the end user. In the ticket overview the current status can be checked at any time and it is possible to communicate with the technician if necessary.

The ticket is now visible for the IT support team in the unitworx system. The title, description and attached files will be transferred from the Service App into the client. unitworx additionally creates a link to the corresponding asset documentation, so it is possible to get to the most important information of the device with just one click. Now you can use all functions of the unitworx ticketing module to efficiently handle the ticket.

Service App - Client View


Use the comment function to get in touch with your customers again. Here you can diversify between public and private comments. Public comments will be delivered directly to the Service App of the customer. In contrast, private comments can be used for the internal communication between members of the IT service team.

Service App - Comment Function

Deactivate the Service App

The Service App isn't relevant to all of your customers? No problem, you can deactivate it if necessary. Go to the documentation module of unitworx and simply open the required customer node. There you will find the possibility to click "Disable Service App".

The deactivation will uninstall the Service App from all customers' clients or won't perform within a new installation.

Service App - Deaktivation