User Configurations

Intuitive User Management

Working alone is only half as much fun as in the team. This is why you can also work together on optimizing your IT service quality in the ITSM software unitworx. Simply invite your colleagues and customers to unitworx - how the whole thing works, we've summarized here.

Have you already invited all required users to your unitworx account? Then you can start with managing their data. All information can be found in the unitworx system by using Settings > Users.

In the overview you've got a list of all users in your system. For detailed information or the editing options, simply click on the respective user. The list also shows the last time the user was active. By moving your mouse over the user image, you will be able to see the most important information, such as the status and role, at a glance through a tooltip - similar to Microsoft Outlook. It is also possible to send an email directly to the chosen user.

ITSM User Management


Edit Information

It is possible for users to manage their personal information online in the unitworx Portal. By clicking on the "Edit Information" button, you will be transferred directly to the required settings. Log in with your access data and customize your salutation or first and last name.


Change Password

Similar to editing your information, it is with changing your password. Click on "Change Password" to go to the respective page in the unitworx Portal. There you can simply change your current password. In order to protect your data, it is important that all users take the password security seriously

ITSM Password Security


By the way: It's not possible to integrate the first or last name into the password.


Email Mapping

In this area of the user settings, it is possible to add alternative email addresses to a user. As soon as the added email address is confirmed, this email address will receive ticket reports or notifications. You can also log into the system or request a new password with the email address.

Alternative email addresses ITSM


Delete User

As an administrator, you have the possibility to delete users. Select the appropriate one and click on the "Delete" button. In this case you have to take special caution, so no wrong users are deleted - that would mean, that they are no longer able to enter the unitworx system. However, if something goes wrong, simply invite the respective user again.


Invite User

In order to start with right teamwork - whether with external partners or internal colleagues - you need to add new users into the unitworx system. This simply works with the "Invite to unitworx" button. How everything operates and which roles or other settings are available, we've summarized here.


Change Restrictions

As soon as you've invented a new user to unitworx, you can assign him to the corresponding role and customers. As time goes by, it is possible that something has changed in the respective settings. In order to change these, simply click on the desired user and select "Change Restrictions" in the top menu.

In this view, it is now possible to change the role of the user and to add or remove restrictions for the assigned customers.

ITSM User Restrictions