User Roles & Rights

Efficient assignment of rights by appropriate roles

The authorization assignment based on roles is an important component of the optimal user management. In unitworx you have four different roles, which can be used for your integrated users. We would now like to explain to you, which permissions or restrictions apply to the respective role. Use these to ensure a perfect collaboration within your IT service management software.

Roles & Rights in IT Service Management


The guest access has the most restrictions and is, for example, perfect for providing your customers with insight into their own documentation and tickets.

Users with this role can access their documentation and have limited editing rights, so they can only adapt unencrypted data. Almost the same applies to the ticketing module. The creation and adjustment of tickets is permitted, but users with a guest role aren't allowed to assign or delete tickets. Furthermore, they cannot create new customers and don't have access to the monitoring or time recording module of unitworx.



Technicians are the team members of your IT support team. Therefore, they have more editing options than guests, but some points are still restricted.

All modules of unitworx are visible for a technician. Furthermore, they have the permission to view and edit almost all areas of those modules. Nevertheless, it is not possible for them to delete tickets and adapt standard monitorings. With the assigned rights, a technician can activate or deactivate the unitworx Service App for the respective customers. However, the user management is still restricted for this role - making modifications in this area is intended for team leaders.


Team Leader

You might also have different teams within your company. The users with the team leader role are responsible for the management and administration of these teams.

For this reason, a team leader has all sorts of permissions for the user management. New users can be invited and integrated users deleted as well as teams can be created and managed. Regarding the editing possibilities, the options are very similar to those of the technicians. The only exception is that users with this role are also authorized to delete tickets.



The administrator role is used for users who are intended to manage the global settings of the respective unitworx account.

In contrast to the other roles, there are no restrictions assigned to an administrator. Users with this role are responsible for administering the account as well as the Service App settings and it is the only role that is authorized to create a PFX file for encrypting important data. In addition to various settings, administrators can assign roles to users, customize standard monitorings and export the documentation.