Flexible IT Monitoring Tool

Never lose sight of the potential threats your network is exposed to. Our IT Monitoring Tool makes sure that you have them on your radar and under control. Prevent problems even before they emerge! unitworx goes far beyond traditional IT monitoring tools: once it detects a problem, unitworx tries to solve it itself!

IT Monitoring Tool

More than a traditional IT Monitoring Tool


Ready-to-use in less than 10 minutes

Set up your IT monitoring based on well-proven processes that rest upon the know-how of experts. unitworx helps you getting started quickly by premade workflows and ready-to-use monitorings, which are activated automatically for relevant servers and IT assets.


Windows Monitoring simplified

You are looking for a powerful tool for Windows Server Monitoring, Backup Monitoring and more? Here you are! unitworx is suitable for Windows Clients with Windows Vista or higher and Windows Server as of version 2008. 



Customize your IT Monitoring

Create your own workflows. unitworx allows you to proactively monitor critical network components, WMI-/SNMP- and Registry-based assets, the performance of your IT system (CPU & memory, disk space, backups), local resources or websites - just try it out.


Check out the full list

Whatever it is you like to monitor in your network, there's a way to do it with unitworx! From HDD usage trend monitor to Hyper-V Monitoring, from Antivirus Check to Exchange Queue Monitoring. 


Solution-oriented monitoring tool

Every time a problem occurs, unitworx tries to solve the problem itself. If your intervention is required the system will create a ticket automatically. Now unitworx not only supports you in managing your tickets, it also helps finding the quickest route to a solution.