A fully-integrated
IT Service Management Software

designed and developed to master the challenges of small and
medium sized IT companies or departments.


All-in-one IT Service Management Software

Who needs separate tools for IT Documentation, Monitoring and Ticketing, when there's a tool for all of these applications? 
Master your challenges and grow your IT business with your new All-In-One ITSM Software unitworx!


IT Documentation

unitworx Documentation is the centerpiece and brain of our ITSM Software. It gives you all the data and insights you need about the devices and IT assets in your network & never forgets any incidents of the past.

IT Asset Management Tool


IT Monitoring

Never lose sight of the potential threats your network is exposed to. unitworx Monitoring makes sure that you have them on your radar and under control. Prevent problems even before they emerge!

IT Monitoring Software


IT Support Ticketing

Every incident in IT is a chance to optimize your processes so it won‘t happen again. unitworx Ticketing not only is for quick fixes, it is also the first step for effective improvement in your IT Management.

IT Support Ticket System