Intuitive IT Ticketing System

The unitworx IT Ticketing System not only supports you in managing your tickets, but also in finding the quickest route to a solution. You rather want to knock your clients' socks off than step on their toes? Quality IT service begins with unitworx! Go for it and become the everyday hero of your customers!

IT Ticketing System

Optimize your processes with our IT Ticketing System


Manage your IT Team

Lead your team to success. Create tickets via the system itself, the Service App or via email and assign them to your colleagues.  Follow the reporting on the tickets and step in, if necessary. 


History & Version control

Retrace the entire history or previous versions of your tickets. unitworx features version control across all offerd modules: Documentation, Monitoring & Ticketing.


Service App for Support Tickets

The best service is now within reach for your end users - a little icon in the Windows taskbar opens the app. The Service App allows your customers to create, comment or even close tickets. 


Ticket Report

Keep an eye on your tickets and stay on top of your tasks with our automated email ticket report. These range from custom reports, through daily reports, to subscriptions.


Integrated Time Recording

You'll increase your productivity and reduce your administrative effort to a minimum. With the time recording function, it will become a children's game to track the time for a tasks.


Ticket Automation

Share the workload with unitworx! Whenever a ticket results from monitoring unitworx automatically creates an entry in the inventory item's history or even solves the problem itself.